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Youth in Afforestation: We’ve not been paid since January 2022

Youth in Afforestation: We’ve not been paid since January 2022

Beneficiaries of the Youth in Afforestation programme have urged the government to pay them their eight-month-old allowances.

On August 1, members of the group went on an indefinite strike to demand the release of their frozen funds.

They claim that, despite holding several meetings with stakeholders to demand their arrears, their issues have yet to be addressed.

Ernestina Nyarko, the group’s National Secretary, has been telling Citi News about the severe hardships that some of the beneficiaries have faced as a result of the situation.

“We have not been paid since January.” It’s very sad and difficult for all of us. I can state unequivocally that they walk long distances to work. “People are being evicted from their homes because they can’t pay their rent,” she lamented.

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In 2018, the Youth in Afforestation programme was launched in response to the government’s commitment to reforestation, forest rehabilitation, and forest protection activities.

The programme serves approximately 100,000 people across the country.
The Forestry Commission assured beneficiaries of the youth in the afforestation programme that their arrears would be paid.

However, the workers continue to complain that their allowances have not been paid. According to them, some of their members are even owed up to ten months of arrears.

The group has insisted that its approximately 45,000 members lay down their tools to hammer home their demands.

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