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Woman laments as in-laws flog her and son with sticks

Woman laments as in-laws flog her and son with sticks

A depressing video circulating online depicting a helpless woman being mercilessly flogged by men claiming to be her in-laws has sparked outrage.

The incident occurred in Kenya, prompting citizens to demand the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.
The woman, identified as Mama Kwamboka, can be heard crying for help in the viral video as she is whipped left, right, and center by a group of men wielding long sticks and accusing her of disrespect.

An elderly man who repeatedly flogged the woman claimed in the Dholuo dialect that she had insulted his elder brother.

The victim can be heard calling out to bystanders who appear unconcerned to come to her aid, but they are unconcerned.

“Just kill me.” Arrest me along with him. Please assist me. You are torturing me. “You told me to leave, and I’m leaving now,” the woman cried as she was flogged again.

According to the victim, she attempted to save her son, Alfred, from being assaulted when the men turned on her.

The video, which appears to have been captured by one of the onlookers, went viral and elicited numerous angry responses.

Following widespread condemnation of the incident, Kenya’s National Police Service has responded to the video, stating that its local command is investigating the incident and will keep the enraged Kenyans updated.

“The National Police Service has taken note of a video clip circulating on social media in which an elderly woman and a young man assumed to be her son are flogged by an unidentified aggressor.
“Victimizing the two for whatever reason is unjustified, illegal, and cruel. The NPS joins outraged Kenyans in condemning the unjustified brutality directed at the two.
“There are legal procedures for resolving interpersonal conflicts. In all situations, the rule of law should always triumph over the rule of the mob.

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The matter is being handled by local police officers. As a result, we will share the results of their findings in due course “According to a statement posted on the police department’s Facebook page on Monday, April 18,

Meanwhile, a Kenyan lawyer, Steve Ogolla, has pledged to represent Kwamboka and her son Alfred in order to ensure their rights are upheld.

He lamented that the victim was in excruciating pain as a result of the assault and required immediate medical attention. He then offered her KSh 50,000 in exchange for treatment.

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