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Wizkid apologizes to his disappointed Ghanaian fans

Wizkid apologizes to his disappointed Ghanaian fans
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After waiting for 12 hours to see him play, Ghanaian fans of the international performer took offence at him for not showing up at the event.

There were roughly 5,000 people waiting for the singer who was scheduled to play last night, but he never showed up.

Wizkid fans were unable to leave the venue because they were holding out hope that the Grammy Award-winning singer and performer would ultimately appear.

Since then, disgruntled fans have flocked to social media to express their rage at how he treated them.

Wizkid has finally responded to the irate comments that have been flooding social media for several hours from fans who were at the venue to see the superstar perform live.

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The musician has finally appeared with a tweet on his social media to give his apology to consumers who are unhappy in his inability to show up for his event after several hours of angry tweets flooding in from fans who were there at the event venue to watch Wizkid live in performance.

The Wizkid Live concert’s organisers then apologised and criticised the performer for breaking the agreement.


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