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Epic Tales / Ongoing Stories / When a heart Stops

When A Heart Stops – Chapter 6

When A Heart Stops – Chapter 6


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She was hit in the abdomen, and in the hallway was a blood bath. Ginger managed to get herself into the infirmary while the alarms went on and off, leaving a trail of blood.

The prison was on lockdown immediately, but she was lucky to have left the scene of the massacre.

“What did you do now?” The doctor, who didn’t look scared, asked while reaching out to Ginger. He grabbed her and pulled her to the bed, where he rolled her on her back so he could attend to the wound.

“Mmmhh,” Ginger groaned in pain.

“I told you we’ve got to stop meeting like this.” The doctor muttered, then there came a heavy knock on the infirmary door.

“Don’t ope…..” She managed to tell the doctor.

“I’ve got to. They’ll storm in here the moment I hesitate.

“Help me up.” Ginger commanded.

The doctor held her up and watched her rush into his small office, holding onto her abdomen.

He waited for her to hide before he opened the door.

“Where’s she?” The guard asked angrily.

“Who?” The doctor asked with a straight face.

“Don’t play with me; the blood trail led me here.” “And I saw her going into that hallway 30 minutes before the lockdown.”

“No one is here,” the doctor said while blocking his way.

“Ginger, come out now.” Martin thundered.

There was a loud thud as he thundered around the room, pulling covers off the bed.

The doctor rushed to where Ginger was, and she was on the floor and out of breath.


Ginger woke up three hours later, and the first person she saw was Martin, the guard, staring at her.

“You let him in?” she asked the doctor, still groaning in pain.

“I let myself in, lady.”

“I wasn’t talking to you.” She smirked and turned to the doctor. “I’m not in handcuffs.”

“Yes, Martin took care of the blood trail, and, well, the rest of the rival gangs, who seemed to have no idea about the duel, are in solitary right now.”

Ginger, chuckled. “So they have no idea I was there.”

“No, we had to carry you back to your cell for inspection and then back.”

“Who asked you to speak?” Ginger muttered.

“Look, it’s either you behave so I help you cover this up, or you go back to solitary and never see the light of day again.” Martin squirmed.

The doctor gave her a pleasant look, and she heaved a sigh of relief.

“So what do we do now?” The doctor inquired further.

“Her cellmate already covered the alibi part, and so far it seems like two gangs went to war and didn’t survive.”

The next thing they heard was a shriek. They turned to Ginger, who was holding on to her abdomen and still laughing.

“Why are you two so worried about this?” “The commander can’t afford the press all over this prison, so there’d be no investigations.”

Martin was surprised she could still stomach laughter in the midst of all the chaos.

“You’ve got to stop doing this, Ginger.” I won’t be able to help you the next time you come in here reeking of blood.”

“She’s done this before?” Martin asked the doctor.

He shook his head, and his forehead sunk in. “She took out two guards on her third week of being inmate 007.”

Ginger gave them both a “stop talking about me” look.

“Guards?” “Why guards?” Martin asked with a confused look on his face.

“Isn’t it obvious, Dickhead?” “I love guards.”

Martin seemed like he wanted to smile but quickly covered it with a smirk. “And why do you help her so much?”

“She was the youngest inmate I’ve ever seen working with prisons.


“That’s enough, doctor.” Ginger silenced him before he could keep talking.

They were still talking when her cellmate, Bea, came in.


“You?” “How did you find me, James?” She was obviously angry.

“I knocked on every door here.” He sounded angry.

“So, you followed me, just to prove a point?” Jewel scowled.

“Explain to me what you are doing in this hotel.”

She held on to the door, preventing him from entering. “Last I checked, I don’t owe you anything.”

He pushed himself against the door and said, “Really, let me in.”

Jewel kept blocking his way.

Ginger, who had been struggling to stand up for the last minute, finally held on to the bedpost and walked to the door.

She tapped her on the shoulder, and they came facing each other while still holding on to the door firmly.

Jewel mouthed, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay.” She admitted.

Jewel finally let the door open for him.

He pushed himself in with speed and stumbled.

When he found his balance, their gazes met.

James seemed like he saw a ghost because he suddenly went from a guy who was arguing earlier to one who couldn’t talk.

They stared for a few more seconds before they both looked away quickly, pretending that moment didn’t happen.

“Suddenly, you lost your voice.” Jewel teased.

“I’m sorry, you could have informed me that you were with emm…”

She scoffed, “Before you think I’m into women now, this is my sister.”

Jewel interrupted him before he could conclude. He went back to staring while Jewel continued to introduce her sister.

Ginger stumbled and was going to reach out for a handshake, but she realized James wasn’t paying any attention to them.

James, who hadn’t stopped staring at Ginger for the past few minutes, regained consciousness when he heard the thud.


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