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Epic Tales / Ongoing Stories / When a heart Stops

When A Heart Stops – Chapter 5

When A Heart Stops – Chapter 5

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Prison POV – CHAPTER 5


“Ginger, come with me.” He reached out to pull her out of the crowd before any of the guards could know she was responsible for the riot.

“Who are you?” Ginger asked, coughing from the tear gas used to disperse the crowd.

“If you want to sleep in your cell tonight, come with me.”

He dragged her out of the crowd before the lockdown protocol was initiated. Somehow, Ginger trusted this new guard until they were out of sight.

Once they were out of there, Ginger pinned him to the wall.

“Who sent you?” She had her arms on his throat.

“Ma……”He could barely make a word because her arm was still against his throat.

“You’ve been watching me for two days, and you think I wouldn’t spot a spy.”

He managed to shake his head, but she didn’t let go. Then their eyes met, and somehow she let go of him.

He coughed for a minute while massaging his throat from the choking that Ginger meted out to him earlier.

“Who are you?” She inquired softly this time.

“I’m Martin, the new guard.”

“I’m not stupid; I know you’re not a guard, so tell me the truth right now.”

“I’m here to help you, Carl….”

“You want to die?” She didn’t let him finish.

“No, I’m here…”

“I don’t need your help, and the next time you call me by that name, I’ll let everyone know who you are and then kill you.”

“I got it,” he said while smooching his throat.

He watched her leave and never took his eyes off her until Ginger disappeared into the hallway.




Jewel walked into her office briskly, admiring her five-inch heels. She sighted her secretary going into the coffee room and waved at the security guard, who had a frown on his face.

“Sam, bad night?”

“No Miss.”

Jewel snorted. “Then smile.”

Sam feigned a broad smile while Jewel grunted and strolled into her office.

Her secretary, Ana, followed her immediately.

Ana bit her tongue and said, “James dropped this for you.”

“He was here?” Jewel asked, reaching out for the box in her hands.

“An hour ago.”

“He was early then.” She slumped into her chair and made a mental note.

Ana walked out quietly, closing the door behind her.

Jewel threw the wrapped gift on the sofa and dragged the stack of papers in front of her.



Ginger in her hotel felt ill all night, but she decided to take her antibiotics and wait for her temperature to drop.

She contemplated reaching out to her sister but decided against it.

While still in her thoughts, the room service employee she ordered came in with his trolley.

She asked to be helped up so she could sit upright.

“Lady, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little hangover.” Ginger confirmed.

The room service guy fixed her up and walked out.

He reached out for his phone and stalked her for a while before dialing the number.


Ana rushed into Jewel’s office.

“Jewel, Eric is on the line for you.”

She raised her head from the documents she was reading and asked, “Eric who?”

Ana shrugged, “He mentioned Vuitton hotel and insisted to spea…….”

She instantly sprung up and got hold of her handbag while searching through it for her car keys.

Ana was wondering what was going on when James tapped her from behind.

But she quickly stood in his way and gently held on to the door.

“Is she in?” He asked calmly.

Ana mumbled, “Aaaaahhh.”

“Please.” James pleaded with his eyes.

Ana gave up and opened the door widely for him.

Jewel, who wasn’t paying attention to the voices, rushed to the door and met James staring at her.

“Hey, you are going out?” He murmured.

“Yes, and you’d have to come back some other time.”

“But I just got here.”

“I know, and I’m on my way out.”

“Let me drive you then.” James offered.

She thundered, “I said no.”

Jewel rushed off, leaving James and Ana stunned.

She located her car in the driveway and drove off at high speed without checking her rear-view mirror.

James followed in a cab immediately and directed the driver to follow Jewel. He was very furious and was hitting his hands on the seat. The driver of the cab kept adjusting his mirror to check on him.

It took them an hour to get there, and since James suspected she was going to the Vuitton hotel, he instructed the driver to speed up. He got to the hotel five minutes before Jewel.

While Jewel was finding it difficult to get a parking space, James got off his cab at a vantage point and was in the hotel building waiting to follow up.

Jewel walked into the reception and recognised the guy who called earlier because she asked him that morning on her way out to keep an eye on Ginger.

She got hold of the key card and headed inside the elevator.

James followed swiftly while hiding the whole time.

He watched the elevator stop on the third floor, and he took a gamble by joining the next elevator.

Jewel rushed in and sighed.

“You scared the crap out of me, Ginger.” She dropped herself on the bed.

“Hey, thought you had work?” Ginger sounded unhappy.

“Yes, but the receptionist said you weren’t well.”

“I’m okay, though my temperature was off the charts earlier, but I think the antibiotics kicked in just fine.”

“You look unwell to me, and if that’s the case, we need to go to the hospital.”

“Are you still this naive?” “Who goes to the hospital with a gunshot wound without a report?”

“But Ginger, I can feel you aren’t fine.”

“I’ve handled worse in twenty years.”

“Alright, let’s call your boyfriend.”

“You mean Martin?” She managed a smile.

“Yes, he’s a guard, so he may have some reliable connections.”

“Honestly, I feel fine.” Ginger stressed.

A knock came on their door as Jewel crawled onto the bed to wrap her arms tightly around her sister.

They both looked at each other weirdly and shook their shoulders.

“Probably just Eric the receptionist.” Jewel smiled mischievously.

“You control freak, I knew you were behind that fine dude checking up on me.” Ginger threw her hands in the air, followed by a smile.

“Don’t tell me you slept with him too.” Jewel hit her gently before standing up to open the door.

She opened the door while still teasing her sister, but his perfume gave him away, and she looked up. They came facing each other, like enemies.


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