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Ongoing Stories / When a heart Stops

When A Heart Stops – Chapter 12

When A Heart Stops – Chapter 12
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Ginger tiptoed out of the room while they were still asleep. For some reason, Jewel has refused to sleep in her own room for the past six days since Ginger got back.

She pulled a backpack from under their bed that Jewel had no idea she had when they got home.

Jewel figured she must have brought it home when she went out briefly that week and left Ginger at home with her parents, who don’t care.

Ginger heard a creek behind her and got startled. She looked back and saw the light in her parent’s room come on. She waited for a few minutes, and it went off.

Walking down the steps gently, she kept checking her wristwatch.

“Right on time.” She whispered to herself and tiptoed out the door.

When she got to the main compound, she saw a motorcycle waiting for her.

Ginger rushed to the motorcycle, hopped on, and signaled the rider to drive off.

Jewel, who had been hiding the whole time while following her sister, fidgeted with her car keys and got in her car. She drove off at top speed, hoping to catch up with her sister’s bike at 3 in the morning.

She sat in her car terrified the entire time, believing Ginger knew no one outside of prison, and they arrived at Simi’s nightclub on 4th Avenue after what seemed like a long drive.

Jewel, who had parked a few blocks away, saw her sister get off the bike after looking around for a while. She let out a sigh of relief.

She laughed so hard. “Silly me!” She’s here to have fun. Jewel reassured herself and was about to get out of the car when Ginger got off the bike and reached out to the person whose bike it was for a hug. She didn’t think they knew each other.

With a confused look on her face, she sat back and decided to follow instead.

Ginger looked around nervously and smacked her lips, then Bea tapped her on the shoulder.

“Ging,” the lady she was walking with called out. I think you are being followed.

“You felt that too?” She sprawled around to face Bea.

“Yes, so I’d do a sweep around the club, and you go do your thing.” She smiled and handed Ginger an envelope.

“What’s this?” Ginger inquired.

“Whatever you need to know about your target is in there.” Bea told her with a stupid grin on her face.

She was going away when Ginger pulled her back after opening the envelope.

“This is a teenager, Bea.” She pointed to the picture she took out of the envelope earlier.

“Yes, is that an issue for you because I know you’ve done worse?” Bea muttered, annoying the snot out of Ginger.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ginger raised her hand against Bea’s face and slapped her hard.

Bea held on to her right cheek. “You slapped me?”

“I told you, if I’m going to do these kinds of jobs, I make my own picks.”

“I get that you want to run things, but it’s not possible, Ginger,” I told you this when I came to see you a week before your release.

“And I remember telling you, if I’m going to be taking a life in the outside world, I want to run things.”

“You know what you’re asking me to do would be putting a target on our backs.”

Ginger nodded. “I’d get rid of your man at a later date.”

“You are still going to kill the kid, right?”

“The mention of the kid made Ginger sick in the stomach. “Now go check the perimeter.”

She spoke, and her eyes caught the washroom. Ginger rushed in there with speed.

Unknown to Ginger and Bea, the club had a back entrance to the main dance room.

Jewel saw her sister walking to the washroom and hid behind the door leading to the dance room.

After what seemed like minutes, Jewel saw them enter the dance room, where they disappeared without a trace. She kept knocking people off the dance floor. They all reeked of alcohol. Most were young girls and boys who probably had a fun night and were having their last dance before morning.

She finally spotted Ginger being directed to a private room, and she followed, stumbling a few times.

Fortunately, the door wasn’t locked, and Jewel rushed in.

“Ginger!” She yelled and fell to the floor.

Ginger was facing the entrance with a pillow pressing over someone’s face while Bea looked on. Either they forgot to lock the door or they thought it was going to be a fast one.

Bea quickly drew her gun before she saw who it was. Ginger’s heart sank, and she jumped out of her own skin, probably because she was caught unawares.

“Put that away right now.” Ginger quickly reacted and thundered.

She was rushing to Jewel when the young man she was hired to kill woke up grudgingly. He appeared so out of it, probably on ecstasy, because he obviously didn’t feel a pillow over his face earlier.

“What’s g…oing on?” He asked sleepily and drunkenly.

“Get out!” Ginger yelled while checking her sister’s pulse. “Now!” she yelled again, glaring at him.

He stood there like a lost puppy. Ginger pushed him out the door, forgetting to close it. Jewel regained her consciousness slowly, and her eyes met her sister’s. She jeered like a scary little cat dumped in a pool of water.

“Where’s the body?” Jewel inquired in a single breath.

Ginger tried reaching out with her hands, but she ran off.

“Don’t come near me.” She shifted away from Ginger’s reach and rushed to the door, but Bea was quick to close the door and pull her to the floor.

She kept trying to free herself from Bea’s arms as Ginger walked over.

“Easy Jewel.” She forced a smile on her face.

“Get away from me; you killed him.” She pushed her sister’s hands away when she tried to touch her.

“No one is dead here; just relax and I can explain,” Ginger reassured her.

“Bea, let her go.” Ginger muttered sternly while Jewel whimpered.

“But s……”

“Who’s in charge here?” Ginger countered with bloodshot eyes. She was so frustrated at not knowing how to handle the situation. Ginger knew if she didn’t cooperate and Bill found out she saw what nearly happened, she’d have to do what she’s spent her whole life protecting Jewel from.

“You are,” Bea answered and let go of Jewel mischievously.

She ran around the room and finally remembered where the door was.

“I’m not going to hurt you, and you know that,” Ginger said, glancing at Bea and the door. Bea got the message clear while Jewel headed for the door.

They both got to the door at the same time, and Bea held her down again.

She wailed while Bea locked the door behind them.

“Let me go, and I won’t tell anyone.” She continued to cry and turned to her sister. Ginger, I promise I’ll forget this. “Please, I want to go home.” She cried out loudly now, while Bea held her hand over her neck.

The look on Bea’s face seemed like she was irritated. She finally ripped her scarf and gagged Jewel so she couldn’t talk.

Ginger, in her confused state, sprawled around, then punched the floor.

“Omg!” “She never listens; now I’ve got to take care of this.” She cursed and turned around, walking back to her sister, who was still being held down.

“Take the gag off,” Ginger ordered.

“But Ginger…..”

“What?” Ginger yelled.

“You never leave a witness.” Bea reminded her.

“Like I left you alive?” Ginger inquired and gave her a long stare.

“That was different, Ginger, and you know Bill won’t let this go.”

“Fuck Bill.” “How do you expect me to get rid of the one person I’ve lived my life trying to protect?”

Bea glanced at Jewel squirming on the floor, then reached out to her pocket with a handkerchief. And before Ginger could say anything, she took off Jewel’s gag and covered her mouth with the handkerchief while she struggled to breathe.

“What did you do, Bea?” Ginger dashed over and pushed her away from her sister.

Bea landed on her hands, but it was too late. Jewel had already passed out.

“No, you didn’t. “Tell me you……..” Ginger pounced on Bea, and the look on her face restrained her.

“She got back to her sister and carried her while Bea held the door for her. They rushed out while everyone was busy dancing or sleeping it off.

Ginger had grabbed the key from her sister’s jeans pocket earlier and pressed on the alarm button so she could locate Jewel’s car.

“You know how to operate this,” she said, pointing to the car.

Bea nodded and took the car key from her.

“Get your bike in the boot and take us home.” She spoke with a strained voice.

“Home?” I don’t think it’s a good idea, Ginger.

“I spared you earlier, so hush up and let me deal with my sister the way I want to.”

Bea watched on while Ginger adjusted her sister on the backseat and sat beside her, supporting her neck.

“Hurry, get your bike in, and let’s go before she wakes up and sees you.” Bea woke out of her reverie when Ginger whistled.


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