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When A Heart Stops – Prologue

When A Heart Stops – Prologue
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What can I say, if nothing lasts forever? And there’s always that version of ourselves we are not aware of. The boundless love, the beautiful and the ugly, like the bond that binds water and blood 




Her heart stopped beating, and the chaos around her came to a standstill. Nothing made sense anymore as she stood in the middle of the room with blood on her hands.

She could hear nothing, and her legs refused to disappear with her.

Ginger created this bubble world in her head and never made it back to the real world, where she was before everything came to a standstill.

In the midst of the alarms blaring, she remained unperturbed.

“Take her away,” the hoarse voice said.

The wailings in the background were increasing, but Ginger was still in her bubble world as she was dragged outside inhumanely.

“Watch your head,” another voice said.

Ginger hesitated for a while as her eyes were glued to the car parked outside the house. She glared in that direction until they forcefully dragged her into the van.

“Give her back,” the piercing voice from earlier stated, “You are evil,” she said and continued wailing.

“Parents, take your kids away,” they commanded and sped off.

The car from earlier followed until they were lost in traffic.




Just another novelist.

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  1. Can you finish this story already.


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