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We’re yet to hear from gov’t on our plight – Kumasi traders

We’re yet to hear from gov’t on our plight – Kumasi traders

After closing its doors on Monday, the Adum business community in the Ashanti Region claims it has yet to receive any kind of invitation or communication from the government.

Over 800 shops have closed in the Adum enclave, and other traders are following suit in other parts of the region.

The traders claim that their decision was influenced by tax policies imposed on their businesses.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), the national representative for traders, has backed the actions of Kumasi business owners.

In an interview with Citi News, Charles Kusi Appiah, Executive Secretary of the Adum Business Community, urged the government to consider the traders’ recommendations.

“We want the government to take the initiative in addressing this issue.” We have made some recommendations to the government, including collecting all levies and taxes at the source so that when goods arrive on the market, there is an even price to sell.”

“The government will maximise revenue mobilisation, and businesses will have the sanity and clarity of mind to do business and pay our corporate taxes and PAYE.” When this recommendation is accepted, the government will benefit.”

“As we indicated yesterday, our businesses are collapsing, and we cannot continue to sit down unconcerned,” said Charles Kusi Appiah-Kubi.

“They are giving us their full support.” The level of dedication is extremely high. We were not expecting this level of support.”

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He believes that the protest is also validated by the traders’ support.

“I believe the message is clear.” The policy is hindering business growth and causing it to fail.”

Traders have also been concerned about the cedi’s strength.

According to the Bank of Ghana, the Ghana cedi has depreciated by 37.5% against the US dollar as of the end of September 2022.

The dollar is currently trading at slightly more than GH11 to $1.

GUTA has threatened more agitation across the country if traders’ concerns are not addressed.

“Initially, we were managing our frustration, but now our frustration has turned into anger, which is reflected in the business community.” This is only the beginning, as others will follow. If I listen to our members’ cries, it means that much more will follow, and it will be massive,” says GUTA president Dr. Joseph Obeng.


Source: CitiNews

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