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Weija MCE warns residents to brace up for more flooding

Weija MCE warns residents to brace up for more flooding

Patrick Kumor, the Municipal Chief Executive for Weija Gbawe, has warned residents to brace themselves for the worst in the aftermath of the Weija Dam spillage.

Floodwater that has taken over homes and streets has forced residents to flee their homes.

As a result, the assembly has created approximately three estuaries at Bojo beach to facilitate the movement of water into the sea.

“Three outlets should take large volumes of water out of the community,” Mr Kumor told Citi News.

He went on to say that correspondence with Ghana Water Company Limited indicated that more volumes were yet to be spilt.

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“We are still experiencing heavy rain upstream, which is in the Eastern Region, so we should prepare for the worst.”

“So far, no casualties or deaths have been reported.” We thank God for that, and I believe we will continue to work tirelessly to save our community members,” Mr Kumor added.

The National Disaster Management Organization has been on the ground and claims to have rescued over 300 stranded victims while also working to expand the estuary to allow the water to flow into the sea.

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The Marine Police and the 48th Engineers Regiment have provided assistance to the organization.


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