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We must take a firm stance against illegal mining – Judge

We must take a firm stance against illegal mining – Judge

Circuit Court Judge Samuel Bright Acquah is arguing for the courts to take a firm stance against illegal mining.

In denying bail for Galamsey Kingpin Aishà Huang, Justice Acquah stated that the nation’s future is jeopardized.

As a result, he stated that the accused will remain in police custody while the investigation is ongoing.

Ms Huang and three other people are accused of illegal mining and selling minerals without a license. They have pleaded not guilty and are still being held by police.

On Tuesday, Lead Counsel Nkrabeah Effah Dartey filed a second bail application.

The accused were remanded to police custody by the court on September 14.

Mr Dartey questioned the work of the investigators, claiming they were not fair to the accused.

“Where is the proof?” Why should it take longer than a month? You should consider the fact that they are foreigners. Ghanaians can be found all over the world. I beseech you to admit them to court bail. We will meet the requirements.” He stated this.

He urged the Judge to be bold and grant bail, and that if he did, no one could question him.

“If you grant bail, His Excellency the President, the Attorney General cannot say anything.” You are perfectly capable of doing so. The accused are being held in complete isolation. Going to BNI is akin to breaking into a virgin’s home,” he added.

However, prosecutors objected to the request. They insisted that the facts presented to the court thus far make a compelling case for bail refusal.

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“The fact is that these people have been charged, and investigations have revealed that they entered the country illegally.” That alone leads to the conclusion that they do not have a fixed address, let alone a job.

“We invite you to keep in mind that, as much as they deserve justice, the laws of the land that have been violated also deserve justice.” They have been remanded while we conduct further investigations.” According to prosecutors.

The request for bail was denied by Justice Samuel Bright Acquah.

“This is a destructive activity to our water bodies.” Look at how it’s wreaking havoc on our forest. We humans are complaining, and the animals in the forest are suffering; it’s heartbreaking. If we allow this to continue, Ghana Water says their machines will be shut down soon.

“Will we need to import water to drink?” Everyone, including the courts, must take a firm stance. Aisha Huang, in particular, and how she entered the country. She doesn’t even know. If I grant bail and the case is called the next day and she is not found. So, what happens? “The motion for bail is denied,” said Justice Acquah.

The case will be heard again in court on October 12, 2022.

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