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We are not blaming galamsey corruption on the Military

We are not blaming galamsey corruption on the Military

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources denied reports that Ghana’s unsuccessful campaign against illegal mining was due to military failure (galamsey).

According to reports that have been widely reported in the media, sector minister Samuel Jinapor gave a press update last Thursday in which he suggested that the military should be held accountable for shortcomings in the galamsey fight.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Minister did not say that the military was to blame for any setbacks in the struggle against illegal mining, the Ministry of Defense stated in a statement.

It was made clear that what the Minister had said was that the military had been given complete command of the operations on the ground.

“The above comments have obviously been misunderstood by a section of the media”, the statement added.


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Source: CitiNews

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