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Veteran Nigerian actor, Mr Ibu has passed on

Veteran Nigerian actor, Mr Ibu has passed on

Veteran Nigerian actor, John Okafor popular known as Mr Ibu has passed. He was sixty-two years of age.

According to Vanguard Nigeria, the actor passed away in a hospital. His cause of death is yet to be made known to the public.

Months of poor health preceded Mr. Ibu’s death.

The actor’s family disclosed in October 2023 that he had been dealing with health problems and he had undergone numerous surgeries.

He had earlier launched a fundraiser and made an impassioned plea to help pay for his hospital costs in Lagos.

Mr. Ibu said to have suffered a “strange and dangerous illness” that had kept him hospitalised for two weeks.
The actor also celebrated his birthday with the best wishes for a quick recovery within that same time frame.

However, Mr. Ibu had his leg amputated on November 6, 2023, almost a month after asking his fans for prayers and financial support.

The actor’s family announced the leg amputation on his Instagram page, stating that it would improve his prognosis.
They described the process as both necessary and challenging.

The 62-year-old actor’s family also disclosed on December 17, 2023, the reason he cannot be transported overseas for further medical care.

Veteran actor Mr. Ibu passes on
In a statement by the family, the physicians declared him “Not Fit To Fly,” which made it difficult to plan his departure for further medical care because the airlines wouldn’t carry him.

The family claims that in addition to other health issues that constituted a serious risk to Mr. Ibu’s life, the sickness was caused by a chronic blood clot in his leg that resulted from damaged blood vessels, not diabetes.

After being released from the hospital in January, Mr. Ibu was spotted with Nollywood star Ken Erics.

Later that month, Nigerian authorities detained Mr. Ibu’s son and adopted daughter on suspicion of stealing funds intended for the actor’s medical care.

It is claimed that after gaining “possession of the actor’s phone and hacking his bank details,” Onyeabuchi Okafo and Jasmine Okekeagwu stole 55 million naira ($60,700; £47,800).

The sum was a portion of the money fans and well-wishers had contributed to the actor’s medical expenses.

The authorities have reportedly found 50 million naira of the stolen money, according to local media.

Ms. Aminat, the police department’s criminal investigation department spokesperson stated that the two suspects intended to flee to the United Kingdom.


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