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Unemployed nurse assistants ask govt to post them

Unemployed nurse assistants ask govt to post them

If the Ministry of Health breaks its promises to post them, the Coalition of Unemployed Graduates of Nurse Assistant Clinical and Preventive has threatened to occupy Jubilee House and other government buildings.

They claim to have lived at home for the past three years since finishing school in 2019.

In Ghana, all cadres of nurses and midwives had 10 months to select their preferred regions and agencies before the Ministry of Health opened its recruitment portal. Since then, both diploma and degree nurses have been posted, but we certificate nurses (community nurses) have been excluded without a justification. Many attempts to find an explanation have been unsuccessful, according to the group’s president, Apandago Charles.

The unemployed nurses asserted that because they are not practising, they are gradually losing the knowledge and skills they learned in school.

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“In the history of the recruitment process, no cadre has been financially cleared to access the portal and left home for 10 months without being posted, so we find it difficult to understand why we are being treated unfairly.

“We are giving a one-week deadline to all Ministries (ministry of finance and ministry of health) responsible for the delay in our posting to do the necessary otherwise we will be left with no choice but to storm their offices and share it with them,” the statement reads.

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