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Unemployed man jailed for leaking nude images of his ex-wife

Unemployed man jailed for leaking nude images of his ex-wife

An unemployed man who posted naked images of his ex-wife on social media was sentenced to Ghana one year in prison by an Accra Circuit Court.

Samuel Baah is accused of sending naked photographs of his ex-wife to a female acquaintance of the complainant over WhatsApp.

Baah was accused with threatening murder, sharing personal images without consent, threatening to share forbidden images, and publishing obscene information.

He pled guilty to the charges and was convicted on his own plea by the court presided over by Mr Samuel Bright Acquah.

The prosecution’s case, led by Chief Inspector Isaac Anquandah, was that the complainant, whose identity was concealed, was a businesswoman, and the accused was a resident of Ablekuma in Accra.

The accused, who is now convicted, had been married to the complainant for two years. It was said that in August of this year, Baah and the complainant had a quarrel and divorced.

On September 2, this year, Baah sent a series of threatening voice notes to the complainant over WhatsApp, characterizing her as a prostitute.

According to the report, Baah suggested in the voice message that he would embarrass the complaint in the community. He reportedly threatened to murder the complainant and himself if she divorced him.

Also, on September 12, this year, at 8:30 a.m., the complainant received a phone call from her friend Afia, who informed her that she had received photographs and messages from a mobile phone number containing the complainant’s naked pictures.

The Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department was petitioned about the problem, and it was sent to the Cyber Crime Unit for further investigation.

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The report stated, the complainant’s friend was requested to participate in the investigation, and Baah was identified as the person who took sexual images of the complainant without her knowledge and transmitted them to the complainant’s acquaintances.

According to the prosecution, the accused was later apprehended and acknowledged for the crimes over the course of the inquiry.

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