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Tyrone Marhguy’s father accuses son of physical abuse

Tyrone Marhguy’s father accuses son of physical abuse

Tereo Marghuy, the father of Tyrone Marghuy, one of the boys at the centre of last year’s Achimota School-Rastafarian boys saga, claims his son has violently attacked him.

In a social media video, the father is seen with bloody bruises on his hand, claiming that his son abused him after a fight.

Tereo Marhguy told Citi News about the incident.

“He was supposed to fix a tablet for his sister, and they were finished about an hour ago, but he was still sitting there watching TV.” I went inside and asked Tyrone what was up. He exploded and began insulting his sister before unplugging the laptop. He approached me and I threatened to slap him, and then he held my hand, so I had blood all over me from the struggle up and down.”

Tyrone Marhguy made headlines after the Achimota School refused to admit him and another Rastafarian boy because their dreadlocks were too long.

On Monday, May 31, 2021, an Accra High Court ordered the school to admit the students.

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The Presiding Judge, Justice Gifty Adjei Addo, disagreed with the Attorney General’s submissions and granted all of the reliefs sought separately by the embattled students except compensation in the case of Tyrone Marhguy.

According to Justice Addo, the Attorney General’s suggestion that the two were not students in the first place is absurd.

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