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Two civilians arrested for posing as Police officer

Two civilians arrested for posing as Police officer

The police arrested two people seen in a viral video, one of whom was dressed in black with police insignia.

Marcus Dankwah, the person seen in the attire, is not a police officer and is currently in custody with his accomplice, Pascal Nelson. A search of them resulted in the recovery of the clothing.

According to preliminary investigation, the aforementioned video footage, which originated from a TikTok account identified as the official page of Vzonetv and was shared on various social media platforms, was shot on October 18, 2022.

The suspects are also social media content providers who create videos for their online TV channel Vzonetv, according to the investigation.

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As the investigation continues to determine the source of the attire and prepare the suspects for prosecution, we would like to warn the public against acts that could harm the Ghana Police Service’s reputation.

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