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Tobinco Boss: Poverty is a decision – Wisdom Summit

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Dr Samuel Amo Tobin, Executive Chairman of the Tobinco Group of Companies, has said that poverty is a decision, not a result of circumstance.

He asserted in a speech at the 2022 Wisdom Summit that the majority of people’s poverty is a result of their low self-esteem.

Therefore, he exhorted Ghanaians to have the self-belief that they can accomplish anything in life as long as they are determined and zealous and put up the required effort to realize their goals.


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“Wealth is not something we have to work hard for to obtain since (God) has given it to everyone. However, it’s crucial that you don’t put yourself down. Don’t underestimate who you are. Have the conviction that you’re capable of accomplishing what others have.

“There is no distinction between a poor and a wealthy individual.” “A rich man chooses to be wealthy, and a poor man chooses to be impoverished.” He further said.

” The individual concerned determine their pathway to health. There is no distinction between me and any of you present. The first thing you should know is that I am not affluent because I am superior to you. “You can accomplish everything you desire in life,” he remarked in Twi.


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