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The University of Ghana wants High Court Judge Obiri replaced over impartiality

The University of Ghana wants High Court Judge Obiri replaced over impartiality

Lawyers for the University of Ghana have written to the High Court’s Commercial Division, raising concerns about the impartiality of presiding judge Justice Francis Obiri in the case between the University and some Commonwealth Hall students.

Justice Obiri presided over an injunction application filed by students against Ghana’s premier university.

According to University lawyers, Justice Obiri sat on the case without allowing the University to cross-examine the witness, Lawrence Edinam Egleh.

Justice Obiri is accused of granting the deponent’s reliefs on Thursday, February 9, despite the fact that the defendants had not even received the application.

According to an affidavit filed by a Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Godwin Awandare, the trial judge, despite being officially affiliated with Akuafo Hall while a student, “was at all material times during his studentship in University of Ghana, resident at Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana and by definition a Vandal.”

Prof Awandare stated in his affidavit, “I am further informed that Justice Obiri was the lead assistant of the then Chief Vandal, a very revered office of Vandals, by the alias Chief Korea.”

“The impartiality of Justice Obiri in these matters in which Vandals have a significant stake cannot be guaranteed.”

According to the application, the University wishes for Justice Obiri to recuse himself in the same way that Justice Stephen Oppong did because he was an Old Vandal and “wanted to avoid any appearance of bias.”

Source: 3news

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