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The National Cathedral project would not utilize tax money

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Joyce Aryee, a member of the National Cathedral project’s Board of Trustees, has allayed concerns that state funds will be used to build the Cathedral.

According to her, the board is well aware of the public’s concerns about the use of taxpayer funds for the Cathedral’s construction.

The National Cathedral project has been put on hold due to a lack of funds.

Madam Joyce Aryee, speaking on GTV’s Talking Point, sought to assuage Ghanaians’ fears by stating that,  there will be no government funding for the project.

Speaking on GTV’s Talking Point, Madam Joyce Aryee assured Ghanaians that the initiative would not get any government funding aside from the seed money promised by the president.

“We don’t want money to come from the taxpayer, other from the seed money the president offered. We are urging everyone to donate because of this, she stated.

Due to a lack of funding, the National Cathedral’s construction has recently been put on hold.

By March 2024, the National Cathedral should be finished.

The multi-religious cathedral will have chapels and a baptistery in addition to an auditorium with 5,000 seats.
The government has set a date for the commissioning even before the National Cathedral project is finished.

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As additional seed money for the project, the government released GH25 million to the National Cathedral Secretariat in March 2022.

The government envisioned the $450 million project in March 2017 as a physical manifestation of national unity, harmony, and spirituality.



Source: Cititv


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