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The FDA has suspended the operation of the Yellow Sisi waakye joint in Oyibi, which killed one person

The FDA has suspended the operation of the Yellow Sisi waakye joint in Oyibi, which killed one person

The Food and Drugs Authority has suspended the Yellow Sisi Waakye joint in Oyibi, which resulted in one death and over 40 hospitalisations.

The FDA’s environmental assessment of food preparation revealed that unsanitary practises and food handling could have resulted in food contamination, leading to the outbreak of foodborne disease.

According to the FDA, a joint investigation with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) began immediately after the incident was brought to their attention, in accordance with the Food Safety Emergency Response Plan.

“Investigations revealed that a total of fifty-three (53) people experienced symptoms of the foodborne disease after consuming waakye or plain rice and tomato stew from a food vendor called Yellow Sisi located at Bush Canteen, a suburb of Oyibi. So far, one (1) person has died, but the exact cause of death has yet to be determined.”

According to a statement, the FDA has suspended Yellow Sisi waakye’s services until measures are aligned to ensure their activities are brought into compliance to avoid future occurrences.

“The FDA has suspended Yellow Sisi’s operations until measures are put in place to ensure that their activities are brought into compliance in order to prevent future occurrences.”

In collaboration with the Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies, the FDA announced the launch of its Street Food Vending Scheme in November 2021.

The FAO Healthy Street Food Incentive Project developed the Scheme, which aims to issue compliant vendors with a Street Food Vending Permit. Customers must therefore insist on seeing these permits before using the services of their favorite restaurants. We strongly recommend that street food vendors apply for the Permit.


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