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The Child Bride – Chapter 7

The Child Bride – Chapter 7


The Child Bride – Copyright of AryEmber





She was so scared; she didn’t think she had ever been so scared in her life. What if he woke up and chased her out to the dark, in the middle of the night? Out of his house and life for good?


“If I don’t do this, he won’t be the one to chase me out.” She muttered to herself.


She took in a deep breath and tiptoed to the bedside. She climbed on the bed gently and almost immediately, the bedpost protested to the additional weight, this made him stirred.


For a moment, she thought he had woken up; she froze and held her breath, waiting for him to sit up and order her out of his room. He only turned back and soon let out a soft snore.


Ayisat exhaled in relief and slowly removed her nightgown’s shoulder strap, the garment slipped down but she held it in her armpit, there was no turning back now


She leaned down and started to kiss his neck, just as she did that, he opened his eyes.


“Ayisat?” he was surprised.
She looked into his eyes. “Yes?”
He looked around to make sure he had not slept in the wrong room but he was in his room, what was she doing on top of him? He sat up hurriedly as expected by Ayisat.
“What are you doing here?” his voice was a bit loud.
Ayisat quickly got down. “I….I had a nightmare,” she lied and the rest came smoothly to her, “I am scared of been alone, I thought you would not mind.”
There is nothing beneath her gown; her dress could slip down any moment from now.
Khalid stared at her. He should take his eyes off her exposed skin, he should! But he was finding that simple task hard to do. If her dress slipped down, he would see all of her. His eyes would feast on her young nude body; he could swear she wore nothing underneath.
His thoughts alone sent blood rushing to a certain part of his body, he felt himself moved and this shocked.
He turned away from her, he must have been mistaken. That was not what happened…… it’s impossible! He shook his head, he probably felt cold for a second there. It had to be that, he could no longer feel that way….. No!
Especially towards her, a teenager!
“Pervert!” he muttered to himself.
Ayisat was confused, had she said it wrongly? He probably didn’t believe her lie wand was pissed at her now. She wore her gown probably and braced herself for what’s to come next.
Khalid turned his face back to her and stood up. “Actually I very much mind but you can sleep here for this night to make you feel better, I’ll take the floor.”
This was not what she planned, was he not supposed to invite her to beside him? There was no way she was leaving his room the same this night.
She moved nearer and took his hands, she was willing to beg if that would get her what she want.
“Please Khalid; you have to take me to bed…… I need to have or your child or mother will kick me out please!”
He removed his hands from hers immediately.
“I already made it clear to you; I don’t desire you in that way. My mind has not change Ayisat, go to your room.”
Was he not listening to her? His mother will chase her and it was not like he had plans to talk to her, why did he marry her then? Why did he when he knew he would not touch?
“You promised to help me remember? You promised to help me in any way you can and…….”
He interrupted. ”I certainly did not mean taking you to bed! I promised to help you continue your education, to help you achieve your dream and make you someone in life! That was what I promised.”
“Well, you can forget it then! You can forget everything because none of that is happening once I get tossed out! You and I both know that once I’m out of this house, there is little you can do for me and that is if you even remember!”
Ayisat breathe out noisily, she could not believe she shouted at him. Allah, she was getting frustrated and desperate.
Khalid stared at her astonishingly; she had never said that much to him ever! He watched her inhaled and begged softly.
“I beg of you, please…..Even if it’s one time. Just once please, I need her to continue paying for my brothers’ schooling.” She moved closer to him with her every word.
He watched her move nearer till they were so close to each other, the feeling was back again.
“I will talk to mother, she can’t chase you out if I don’t want you gone and she will continue to help your brothers.” He had no idea why he was short of breath.
She shook her head. “No, you won’t and even if you do, she won’t listen to you. I know you don’t want to but please, just this one time.”
He scoffed. “Not all once result to pregnancy.”
Did he just say that? What was wrong with him? He was not considering this, was he?
Ayisat commended herself on a job well done; she was breaking his wall little by little. He was no longer chasing her out, he was only trying to dissuade her but that was not happening.
“I’m sure…..With Allah’s help, I will get pregnant.”
“Prayers don’t….”
Ayi shocked him and herself by kissing him all of a sudden. Heavens! This was heaven, he didn’t know when he pulled her closer to himself and took control.
If this was how his friends felt with younger girls, he had no right to judge any of them. She was no expert but her innocence intrigued him more, he wanted her so bad. He stopped wondering how this was possible and guided her to the bed, with the way he was feeling, he doubted he would be able to do just once.
She had never felt like this before, what was he doing to her? She didn’t care; she just didn’t want him to stop. This felt good, too good.
Khalid moved to her neck and bit her softly, she let out a loud moan and that alone set on him on fire. He tried to rid her of nightgown but was impatient; he was about to tore the light fabric when he got his senses back, what was he doing?
He moved away from the bed and her like he had suddenly seen a demon. She sat up on the bed with a confused expression, did she do something wrong?
“Am I to be on top?”
“What? No, it’s not…….are you in your fertile period?”
Whichever part of his brain formed that question, he had no idea but he thank Allah for snapping him out of the trance he was in. it didn’t matter that a certain part of his body ached terribly, he was glad he got his sense back.
“I…I think. I finished my flows twelve days ago and I……”
“Ayi, your body is not ready. It does not matter if we go fifty rounds, there will be no pregnancy because you are not fertile.”
He was no gynaecologist, hell! He had no idea when a woman is fertile enough to get pregnant but he was using this opportunity to get away from her before he did something he’d regret later.
Ayisat felt embarrassed but was not deterred. “But I am……”
“Good night Ayisat.” He said and walked out before she could say anything else; he needed to be far away from her.
Stupid fool! Why could she not keep her mouth shut or tell him a little lie? She wondered for the umpteenth time how she would get pregnant.
He was hurting.
Ayisat could see it in his eyes, he was hurting bad and it pained her soul. She wished to take his pain away, to make him feel better but how could she? She could not even heal the wound inside herself, how could she help him?
“Talk to me my love, what do you want me to do? Just tell me please and I’ll do anything, anything!” He begged.
He couldn’t give her what she wanted; he couldn’t even if he moved mountains. He couldn’t because what she wanted back was impossible!
I want my baby back! She wanted to cry out.
“Say something please, you have not said anything since you got back and it’s been a week now. Why won’t you talk to me?”
He had not said that in frustration but fear, he was worried she was no longer his Ayi and this was scaring him and driving him insane at the same time.
When she was at the hospital, he had been so scared she might not make or wake up with a defect; this made him prayed like a church rat asking God for wealth. He, at that time, prayed more than any prayer warrior.
Now, she was back home but won’t talk to him. He feared she now hate him. He could deal with her not loving him, with her fearing him but hate? Allah, please! He had no idea how he would deal with her hatred, merely thinking about that scared him like hell.
His mother was gone and he was more relieved and grateful she left. It should worry him that she left his house sad and probably angry but all he felt was relief. Allah forgave him but he was glad, that he could not deny.
May be he was paying for that now; maybe that’s why Ayisat would not talk to him.
“I want to see my brothers, can I see them Khalid?” she finally said.
Words could not describe how happy he was to hear her say something.
“Of course Ayisat, I will call the school and arrange for them to visit right away…..”
“No, no. I don’t want to stay here,” she said but quickly added when she realised how that sounded. “I want to see my aunt and stay with her for a while with Rasak and Musa. I’m sure she would like to visit but can’t leave my cousins alone at home, let me go and visit her please.”
She could as well take a knife and stab him. It was clear she didn’t want to live with him anymore; she wished to be far away from him.
He could say no. If he did, she would stay and not go anywhere but she would have more reasons to hate him. How he wished he could turn the hands of time, he would go back and change everything. He would go back to days before the miscarriage, before his travel, his mother’s arrival, and the pregnancy.
Days before he left for his travel had been so wonderful, he barely left her room not when she even protest of hunger. He had not been in need of food at that time, all he wanted was her. He was just planning on moving her things to his room because it was larger and he wanted her near him all the time.
Now she was leaving him, she deserved to leave if that was what she wanted. Her family would make her happy; happiness was something he had, times without number, failed to give her.
After what seemed like eternity to Ayisat, he finally said. “If that is what you want, I’ll call Auntie and inform her of your visit.”
He stood up and left the room. A part of her was glad he consented, the other wished to reach out to him and console him.
She wanted to, real bad but she found it hard to do.
“You have a visitor Ayisat,” her cousin, Rekia, said.
She was confused, who could that be? Not her husband, she hoped. She still didn’t have it in her to face him. It’s been ten days since she left home…… Him, since then, she’d been filled with nothing but happiness.
Ayisat had not been this free and happy since she got married; she actually forgot she was a married girl…. Or was it woman? She didn’t want to go back anymore; she wanted to stay here with her family, especially with her brothers.
Rasak was the loquacious one between the twins; he could talk you to your death. Ever since they came back for the short holiday Khalid requested for, he had not stopped talking about their school and his new friends; she had to chase him out to go play football with their cousin, after which his twin followed. He continued talking even when his sister made all the signs that she was bored and tired.
Musa rarely talked, Ayisat could see he terribly missed her. While Rasak talked away, he just snuggled up to her like a small baby. She was worried at first he had not made friends like his twin but when she made enquires and was told that Musa could not wore his school uniform twice a week because of his rough plays, she relaxed.
They had to go back to school soon for them to not miss much, she wished they could stay more but she knew she had to wait till they vacate.
“You don’t know who it is?”
Rekia shook her head.
“She is carrying a baby though,” her cousin added as an afterthought.
She? Who else could it be if not……
Ayisat jumped at her feet and ran outside.
“I was already thinking of shouting down this roof or barging in to give that lazy behind of yours a good spanking.”
Ayisat covered her mouth for a second. Finding it hard to believe her friend was in front of her after all these time.
“Are you going to stand there all day gaping at me?” the girl smiled and said in their local dialect.
She ran to her and engulfed her in a big hug, embracing both mother and child. They both soon started crying.
He was going to let her go.
This was wrong from the beginning; he should not have married her, he had been wrong to tie her down with him.
She was too young, had he not said that to himself like a million times already?
Yet he got close to her, started to admire her, took her to bed, fell in love with her, got her pregnant and placed a large part in the loss of the baby. What kind of man was he? What sort of man fell in love with a teen he could father!
He was a terrible person; he didn’t deserve the second chance he got. He should have annulled the marriage the moment he discovered he could function as a man again, not took her innocence! It didn’t matter that she wanted him too, he was the grown up and he should have stayed far away from her like he promised himself to.
He had failed his creator; the almighty was probably looking down at him disappointed and wishing he had not made him whole again. Had he not begged Allah for forgiveness and return of his pride as a man? Promising to not go whoring about with it like he did, to use it wisely!
He could not annul the marriage anymore since they had consummated it but he would set her free, it was probably what she wanted now. He prayed Allah forgave him for causing her so much pain but he would right his wrongs the best he could.
He would get a divorce but compensate her hugely, enough that she would never have to beg anyone for help anymore.
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