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The Child bride – Chapter 1

The Child bride – Chapter 1

The Child Bride – Copyright of AryEmber




Whisper? She was sure she’d just hear someone whispered, who else could it be if not him. She opened her eyes slowly and saw him smiling.

How did he always do that? How did he manage to chipped two decades off from his real age with that smile? she doubt she would ever know.

“Good morning Mrs Gimba” he said again , this time more clearer than before.
Ayisat smiled back at him and she did this genially, not like the kind she’d been forcing months ago. She sat up and just as she did, they both became aware of the bloodstains on the bed sheet.

There passed an awkward moment between them with both immersed in different thoughts. To say Ayisat was embarrassed is an understatement, she looked everywhere else but his face.

Khalid rubbed his palm on his head and thought of what to say, the silence wasn’t helping and he searched for what to say desperately. Finally, he thought of asking ,”how do you feel?”

She looked at him and smiled. “I feel like your wife,” she said.

That warmed his heart more than he could ever imagine and this made him reach for her to kiss her, he felt glad when she kissed him back.

“I, all of a sudden, feel hungry.” he mouthed, still kissing her.
She cut the kiss immediately and he regretted saying that, she obviously didn’t get what he meant.

“What do you feel like taking?’’
You, he wanted to say but he said instead, ”anything that isn’t too stressful for you to prepare.’’

She nodded and watched him stood up, her eyes fell on his naked behind and this turned her stomach in an unfamiliar but pleasant manner. Was this how she would always feel now? Surely there would now be more of what happened last night after months of abstinence from her.

Why was she feeling embarrassed now? She saw him naked last night, didn’t she? She couldn’t remember. That part seemed irrelevant, the rest of what happened she did remember quite alright, that brought a smile to her face.

By the time she looked up, he had put on his trousers from last night.

“I will get down and prepare breakfast right away,” she said.

‘’Take your time,’’ he said and pecked her forehead before walking into the bathroom.
Ayisat was more than glad he left her alone, she didn’t want him seeing her naked, not this time when she’s not blinded with passion. She stood up and packed the sheets, for a while she stared at

“Finally, I did it!” she had shouted before realising he was still near, thank Allah the water was already running.

She had found a treasure and as insane as it may sound, she wasn’t going to wash the stains, she would cut the stained part out and keep it. The blood that flowed out of her, not because of her monthly flow or an injury, but because her closed door had been opened in a sacred way.

“Mother no! please don’t leave us in this world alone, please!” she screamed.

But she couldn’t hear her, she was far gone to a place where not even the loudest of shouts could reach her.

Tears flowed freely to her daughter’s cheeks and she covered her mouth with her two hands as the doctor covered her mother up. Her two brothers ran to her and hugged her firmly, they were also crying.

“She is gone! Mother has left us just like he did, now we’re all alone.” She said.


He sat down on the chair and opened his food, the aroma assaulted his nose almost immediately.
“Hmmm, you never disappoint my dear,” he said, chewing the bite he’d taken.

She smiled back but said nothing. Silence crawled in, bringing the awkward moment of earlier.

Now, how do people handle this type of situation? Well, a lot of people wouldn’t be in this situation at all! Deflowering your wife is one thing but deflowering a wife you are 2 decades older than, six months after your wedding is another!

Khalid had guessed she was still new like a pair of socks in its nylon but the thoughts of being her first sent pride rushing him and at the same time making him embarrassed. He had never deflowered a girl before her.

He had earlier wished to repeat their act of yesternight but decided against it as she was oblivious of his advances and again, she must be sore. It would be terrible of him to ask that of her.

“Is something wrong with the food now?” he heard her ask and looked up to see her worried expression

“No, it’s perfect,” he replied and continued to eat to put her mind at ease, “results will be out soon, in a couple of months now,” he added.

She smiled unconvincingly.
“You shouldn’t worry yourself, I have all faith in you and confident you’ve passed already.”

Ayisat was going to laugh when her worst nightmare burst in without knocking.



They both waited in the sitting room in silence for her mother-in-law to be.
“You and your brothers will be taking good care of ,” her Aunt reassured her even though she said nothing.

Her Aunt’s fears were obvious, she can’t have her changing her mind all of a sudden when she had already collected gifts from the woman they were waiting for. Ayisat loved her still, she might have arranged her wedding without her permission but she knew it was for her own good and her brothers.

She didn’t care much for herself, this is all for her brothers. What was there to care about herself anymore? Her parents were already died and she had failed her SSCE, all this two horrible years ago.

Her Aunt tried for them really, especially after Rasak and Musa finished their junior secondary school, she had taken them under her care and been feeding them for the past two years. Only it was now difficult to continue with her own six children when her husband had turned into one of the useless drunks after he lost his job months ago.

What was wrong with him? did he think drinking would magically multiply the small money her Aunt made for their up keeping? She never understood how some men think sometimes.

A tall, slender, light skinned woman strolled into the room like she owned the house. In truth, she did.
“I take it she is the girl you have been talking about?” She asked, no greetings or introductions.
“Yes Hajia, this is Ayisat,” her Aunt replied.

Ayisat need not be told before she realised who was in front of her, she knelt down and greeted the woman in their local dialect.
“Take your seat,” she said, bearly sparing a glance before turning to her Aunt, “She looks well.”

That put her Aunt at ease and was about to go into tales of how healthy her niece has always been when Hajia added.
“But I’ve learnt looks can be deceiving and so, I would like her tested for series of possible illness.”
Her Aunt nodded like she had just been questioned. “Of course! We will go to a _ _ _”

The interruption was unexpected and so, surprised them both.
“That is not necessary as I will take her to a hospital myself, I will be back in a minute or more so be ready,” she stated and walked off before any of them could protest of the timing.

“Now let’s pray she finds nothing wrong with you.”
But nothing was wrong with her, Ayisat was sure of this.


Ayisat froze on hearing her mother-in-law’s voice
“I see, so you still find the appetite to eat uh?” the woman asked angrily.

“G_ g good morning ma,” Ayisat stammered.

Mrs Gimba ignored her and turned to her son instead. ”You let this good for nothing sit and dine with you when she hasn’t missed a period for six months?”

Khalid was amused but hid it well, this is no situation to smile although it’s tempting. His mother talked as if she lived with them, he stood up and greeted her.

“And you! What have given my son to eat? I swear I never believed in those things but with the way my Khalid has been behaving, I am convinced you’ve cooked him those eat your senses away fishes in your charmed vegetable soup.”

Now he was nearly busting with laughter.
“Mother? Can we go in and talk please before you beat up my wife for apparently giving me some funny fish cooked

in a charmed vegetable soup.”
His mother scowled at him and said to Ayisat.”I will be back for you.”

She nodded stupidly like she had just been given an instruction and watched her mother-in-law stormed out of the dinning room, followed by her son after telling not to worry. But how could she not worry? Trouble was back and she was sure it came doubled, why today of all days? When she had been so happy earlier.

Ayisat sighed, this woman would not let her rest until she conceive a child for her son.


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