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Teenagers in leaked sex tape receive 20 lashes each at Wa-Naa’s palace

Teenagers in leaked sex tape receive 20 lashes each at Wa-Naa’s palace

Two Wa teenagers whose sex tape went viral on social media were given twenty lashes each at the Wa-Naa’s palace for violating a bye-law that prohibits such behavior.

The Overlord of the Waala Traditional Area, Wa-Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV, ordered the flogging of two teenagers, according to

According to the news website, two teenage lovers work as tricycle drivers and ticket sellers at the Wa Central Market in the Upper West Region.

They were reportedly sentenced to 100 lashes each, but Wa-Naa showed mercy and reduced it to 20.

On Sunday, May 29, 2022, the lady in question allegedly posted the sex video on social media, eliciting outrage and condemnation.

Her actions were deemed to have violated the Waala Traditional Area’s customs and traditions, resulting in their punishment.

According to reports, the Waala Traditional Area passed a bye-law last year prohibiting the filming and uploading of sexual materials to social media platforms. It was initiated in response to observations that sex tape leakage among Wa municipality youth was becoming the norm.

According to reports, the traditional leader has warned that anyone who violates the traditional area’s bye-laws will not be spared.

Last month, a married woman accused of adultery was flogged by fifteen men hired by her husband, rendering her unconscious and requiring hospitalization.

On Saturday night, April 16, an incident occurred in the Indian village of Madhya Krishnapur in India’s West Bengal.

The woman was allegedly publicly flogged and forced to marry her lover, with whom she allegedly cheated.

Sonacharan Jamatia, the Teliamura Sub-divisional Police Officer (SDPO), told the Press Trust of India that no such complaint had come to the police’s attention, but that the matter would be investigated.

“We will send a team to meet with the victim to learn more about the incident.”
“The police have not yet received a written complaint, but there will be an investigation into the alleged incident,” Jamatia said.

According to the unnamed woman, her husband led a group of fifteen men to a field while accusing her of having an extramarital affair, and they beat her until she lost consciousness.

Her husband is also said to have admitted to hiring his family members to beat her up over her alleged relationship with another man from the same village.

“I took her to Teliamura hospital for treatment after the incident and spent the entire night there. The cops came to my house “According to reports, the man stated.

The assault was videotaped and shared on social media, with the woman seen surrounded by villagers after regaining consciousness.

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They then forced her to exchange garlands with her alleged lover, who was also assaulted, as a symbol of marriage, in the presence of bystanders making loud noises.

In the same video, some people can be seen pleading with the woman’s husband to apply vermillion to her brow.

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