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Teacher unions urge GES Deputy to decline contract extension

Teacher unions urge GES Deputy to decline contract extension

Teacher unions have urged the Ghana Education Service’s Deputy Director of Management Services, Anthony Boateng, to decline a contract extension beyond his retirement date.

In a statement, the unions also urged GES to direct that all employees who have reached retirement age hand over their positions to the next in line.

“The weekend was inundated with concerns and agitations by the rank and file of education workers in Pre-Tertiary Education and other stakeholders on the issue of the post-retirement contract extension granted to the Deputy Director-General (MS) of Education, as well as the stay in office of other retired persons in education in the Ghana Education Service,” the unions said in a joint statement.

If retired persons have not handed over their posts by September 30, 2022, the unions have stated that their members will “disregard directives issued by these persons.”

The statement was issued jointly by the National Association of Graduate Teachers, the Ghana National Association of Teachers, the Teachers and Educational Workers Union, and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers.

Anthony Boateng’s extension was granted at the request of the Minister of Education.

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During the extension, he will continue in his current position and contribute to the development of the Ministry’s National Education Institute.

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