She moved to the US with big dreams and met a boyfriend but then she vanished

Irene Gakwa’s most recent WhatsApp video call with her parents was full of gentle sarcasm. But there were hints that something was wrong beneath the banter. Her father teased her when her face appeared on the phone screen, saying she looked hungry and tired. He noticed her smile was more subdued. Her short, usually braided hair was rumpled. “Drink some hot milk and relax,” her father advised from his living room in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. That was the last time anyone i...[Read More]

US claims that North Korea is providing Russia with weaponry

According to the US, sanctions have made it difficult for Moscow to supply Moscow’s military, forcing Moscow to purchase military gear from North Korea. A US official, Pyongyang is selling millions of rockets and artillery shells to Moscow for use in Ukraine. They further claimed that as the battle continued on, Russia might be compelled to purchase more North Korean weapons. They noted that purchasing from North Korea is a symptom of “serious supply problems.” The New York Tim...[Read More]