China has tightened its security due to lockdown protests

China has moved quickly to quell weekend protests across the country, deploying police forces at key protest sites and tightening online censorship. The protests were sparked by outrage over the country’s increasingly expensive zero-Covid policy, but as the number of protesters grew in multiple major cities, so did the range of grievances expressed – with some calling for greater democracy and freedom. Hundreds of protesters have even called for the removal of Chinese President Xi Ji...[Read More]

Police increase security in Wa over security guards’ death

Following the death of a security guard, the Ghana Police Service has increased security in Wa and its environs. Wa residents protested the incident on Friday, alleging that ten security guards have been killed in the area since February 2022. Residents of Wa say there was no trace of the security guard’s body in the latest incident, but they did find traces of blood near the Wa Technical University. Residents then gathered to protest at Wa Secondary Technical. Meanwhile, Wa police say the...[Read More]

Police dispatched to Wa to address security concerns

The police administration has sent a team of special purpose investigators to Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West. The deployment, led by DCOP Mohammed Fuseini Suraj, is to assist the Upper West regional police command with intelligence gathering in order to ensure the peace and safety of the town’s residents. On Friday, September 16, some Wa residents staged a protest following the suspected murder of a security guard in a suburb of the Upper West Regional capital. Since February o...[Read More]