Russian troops dig trenches to prepare for an invasion on Ukraine

According to a US think tank, Russian troops are digging trenches and fortifying their positions in eastern Kherson in preparation for a possible Ukrainian counteroffensive. After analyzing satellite imagery, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) concluded that the Russian military believes Ukrainian forces will eventually cross the Dnieper River and conduct counter-offensive operations in the region’s east. According to the ISW, this could jeopardize “all critical ground lines of...[Read More]

Russian atrocities have pulled NATO closer than ever before

Of course, no one in the soulless, concrete monolith that is Nato HQ here in Brussels expresses happiness about the current situation in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But they are quick to tell you how surprised, amazed, or encouraged they are, and how “very” united the alliance is. And, for example, transatlantic and EU-NATO cooperation on sanctions against Russia has been so smooth, however, this is not always the case. “If you had asked me in February,...[Read More]