Ellembelle DCE

Ellembelle DCE charged with assault and two others

Kwasi Bonzo, the District Chief Executive of Ellembelle in the Western Region, has been charged. The charges are assault, conspiracy to assault, and resisting arrest. He is scheduled to appear in Takoradi Circuit Court tomorrow, Thursday, September 8. The police announced in a statement that they were able to recover one of the excavators reported missing from Ellembelle in the Western Region after days of intelligence operations. The missing excavator was discovered several kilometres into a fo...[Read More]

Ellembelle DCE granted police enquiry bail

Kwasi Bonzoh, the District Chief Executive of Ellembelle, who was detained by police for alleged obstruction in the saga of the missing excavators, has been granted bail. He is scheduled to appear in Takoradi Habour Circuit Court on September 8, 2022. Mr Bonzoh was charged with five counts. He will face assault, conspiracy to assault, resisting arrest, and two other charges. The other four accomplices arrested alongside the DCE were not granted bail. Selomey Erica Abekah, Mr Bonzoh’s lawye...[Read More]

Missing Ellembelle excavator recovered; DCE, 3 others arrested

A team of Western Region operations and intelligence police officers recovered one of the excavators reported missing in the Ellembelle District. The police said in a social media post on Wednesday that the excavator was discovered several kilometers away in a forest within the district during their operations on Tuesday, September 6. The Service is currently conducting an investigation to recover the other excavator and bring all those responsible to justice. Meanwhile, Kwasi Bonzo, the Distric...[Read More]