ECG to start extensive disconnection exercise over GHc5bn debt

The Electricity Company of Ghana will begin a large-scale disconnection exercise on Monday, March 20, in order to generate revenue. Mr. Samuel Dubik Mahama Esq., Managing Director, stated that the company is owed more than GHS 5 billion from September 2022 to February 2023. The majority of this debt is held by SOEs and MDAs. This exercise stems from the numerous institutions that owe the energy company, This will be the fate of many other Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) and State Ow...[Read More]

GBC to clear GH¢6.1 million debt owed ECG

The management of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation GBC says it is working to clear debts owed to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), which resulted in the company’s power is disconnected. The state broadcaster’s head office and transmission station were disconnected from the national grid within a week due to an unpaid bill debt of 8 million cedis. Acting Director of TV and Marketing George Lomotey assured the media that the company would pay its bills. “There is no probl...[Read More]

ECG urges the public to report people involved in illegal connections

The public has once again been urged by the Energy of Ghana (ECG) to stop engaging in illegal activities that interfere with the delivery of electricity. This will enable us to cut down on our losses and better serve our clients. In order to maintain satisfied consumers and a steady supply, we must improve our lines. The manager in charge of external communications at the ECG, Charles Nii Ayiku Ayiku, stated, “We need to receive our revenue, thus we need to work hard to acquire the offende...[Read More]

Tariff review: Technical challenges with pre-paid meters being worked on

Following an increase in electricity tariffs, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) experienced issues with some prepaid meters. According to the company, some pre-paid meters have not been responding accurately to power purchased by customers. The ECG stated in a statement that some prepaid meters have negative balances after purchase. “The ECG would like to inform all customers and stakeholders that the technical issue has been identified and corrected.” “However, customers ...[Read More]