2023 Budget

Govt to stop hiring of public and civil servants from January 2023

The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, has announced that government employment will be frozen beginning next year. According to him, there will be a moratorium on civil and public service recruitment beginning in January 2023. This was stated by him during the ongoing budget presentation at Parliament House in Accra. “From January 2023, there will be a hiring freeze for civil and public servants.” A reduction in appointment spending, including salary freezes, as well as the suspen...[Read More]

2023 Budget: Govt to ban officials from driving V8s or V6s

The government has prohibited officials from driving V8 and V6 automobiles beginning in January 2023. This was stated by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta during the introduction of the 2023 budget on Thursday, November 24. However, such vehicles will be allowed for travel outside of Accra. “A prohibition on the use of V8/V6 engines or their equivalents, save for cross-country travel.” “From January 2023, all government cars will be registered with GV green number plates,” ...[Read More]