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Survivor: People were suffocating, screaming, and falling

Survivor: People were suffocating, screaming, and falling

Survivors have described their horror at seeing friends and strangers suffocate in an alleyway while dance music blared into the night.

“People started pushing from behind like a wave – there was nothing you could do,” Nuhyil Ahammed explained.

“Last night, I couldn’t sleep. People are still dying in front of me.”

The 32-year-old was caught in the crush and claims no one could have done anything to save others or themselves.

Nuhyil, a Seoul-based IT worker, said he had attended the Halloween party here for the previous five years.

Last year, he said, there were more cops in the area, but this year’s crowd was unlike anything he’d seen before, and there was “no crowd control.”

He knew something was wrong when he and his friends were caught in the crowd.

“Even if you stand still, someone from the front and someone from the back pushes you. It happened several times. Something was wrong, I realized. I was afraid that something bad would happen.”

He claimed he fell but made his way to steps along the alley’s side: “A woman with angel’s wings beckoned me and I managed to climb onto a high step,” he said.

“There were people suffocating, screaming, being squeezed, falling…

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“People were suffocating, screaming, being squeezed, falling… there were simply too many of them.”

“I was standing on the ledge, just watching everything.”


Source: BBC

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