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Short stories / Staying in love

Staying In Love – Prologue

Staying In Love – Prologue

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Synopsis: You love so much, and when you are hurt, the next hard choice is staring you in the face. It’s either to let go or stay, bearing in mind that whichever path you decide on after being hurt may change your life. Is their love enough? Is love the ultimate?



She got off the bus and bumped into an orange seller, which nearly threw them both into the uncovered gutter.

“I’m sorry.” She dashed down to where the orange tray had fallen.

“It’s okay. I’d just wash them up and get back to selling.” The girl said

“No, let me pay.” Cinta quickly dug into her bag and gave her a fifty Ghana cedis note.

The orange seller thanked her as if her life depended on it.

She gave her an infectious smile and rushed off to the crossing.


Cinta walked into her office sweating profusely.

She dropped her handbag on her desk and rushed to the washroom.

She squished her face under the water, washed the sweat off her face, and heaved a sigh of relief.

Holding her face in her palms, Cinta found herself crossing her legs on the bathroom floor, crying.


The noise from the washroom was becoming louder, so her colleagues rushed to the door, but she quickly caught wind of them running to the door and stood up, composing herself.


She came out staring at them in the face. They gave her the okay to pass, then her phone beeped.

“Is it done?” She read silently and dropped her phone noisily on the table.

Just then, the door to the boss’s room opened.


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