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Short stories / Staying in love

Staying In Love – Chapter 1

Staying In Love – Chapter 1

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Synopsis: You love so much, and when you are hurt, the next hard choice is staring you in the face. It’s either to let go or stay, bearing in mind that whichever path you decide on after being hurt may change your life. Is their love enough? Is love the ultimate?


Chapter 1

She tapped her head. “Sir, I have your coffee just the way you like it, and I also have your magazine.”

“Shush!” Harry yelled.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“Just leave.” He waved his hand.

Cinta walked out briskly. She’s used to his outbursts and embarrassments.

Harry is a thirty-year-old bachelor who doesn’t see anything good in the women he comes into contact with. He moved his company from the UK to the heart of Accra, Ghana, his motherland.

He was married once, but it failed due to his temper.

Harry flicked his hands through his wavy hair and stared at the coffee Cinta left in front of him.

He chuckled and buzzed her in. “Get your lazy self down here now.” Just as Harry released his hand from the intercom, Cinta rushed in.

One glance at her informed Cinta that she forgot to knock.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

He sighed and pointed to the coffee tray.

Cinta got the message and rushed to pick it up, but then she stumbled and fell. The embarrassment from the fall kept her on the floor for close to a minute.

“Young lady, please take my documents.”

Cinta raised her head and realised she had knocked off some papers earlier. With fear, she hurriedly set out to pack up. She paused when her eyes fell on the last paper under Harry’s table. Cinta got lost for a few seconds and then stole a glance at her boss when he thundered.

She hurriedly rose up and hit her head against Harry’s working table.

“Give those to me and get out.” “You already ruined my day.” Harry snatched the pile of papers from her.

She picked up the tray without another word and, on her way out, took another look at the paper she had intentionally left under Harry’s table so she could pick it up after work.

Harry cursed noisily.

She came to a halt as she closed the door behind her and noticed her colleagues staring at her once more.

‘What?’ She asked while straightening her blouse.

They all shook their heads as if it were planned and went back to their workstations.

Cinta reluctantly went back to her seat.

“I wonder why she allows that sort of treatment from him.” Rosita, one of the junior clerks, mumbled. Suddenly, everyone got a hint of Rosita’s murmuring, and the gossip queens picked it up.

Cinta, seated in front of her computer, stood up when she heard the door to Harry’s office open.

He glanced at her for a minute, and a smile appeared on his face. “See you later,” Harry muttered and walked away before Cinta could reply.

She watched him leave and rushed into his office. Cinta was disappointed not to have found the paper she intentionally left under the table.

“Harry must have found it.” She frowned and picked up his pre-filled syringe. “He must have forgotten it.”

Fridays are usually a busy day at the office since a lot of customers patronize it to book a vacation at Harry’s resort. Aside from running a resort, Harry does a lot of I.T. jobs.


He was dressed in his usual white and blue top. Harry, standing in front of his five-bedroom apartment located at Spintex, kept checking his wristwatch.

A red light from behind prompted him, and he heaved a sigh of relief.

He recognised the Uber from afar and walked over to where he parked his own car and drove to meet her up.

“You are late.”

“Sorry, you know Fridays are always hectic.”

“You could have called.” Now you can’t get changed before we set off.

Relax, Harry, it’s just the two of us going to sit at the table.

He gave her a weird glance. “Please get in and put on your seat belts.”

She hurriedly jumped in and fastened her seat belt, and they drove off in silence.

“Oh, babes, you left your syringe again,” Cinta announced in the middle of their drive and placed it on the dashboard.


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