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Speed up printing of Ghana Cards to qualified applicants

Speed up printing of Ghana Cards to qualified applicants

The Electoral Commission (EC) has requested that the National Identification Authority (NIA) expedite the distribution of Ghana Cards so that prospective voters can register to vote.

The request follows the Commission’s decision not to use the guarantor system for voter registration in 2024.
According to the EC, the Ghana Card will be the only form of identification required for voter registration.

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This will take effect when a yet-to-be-drafted constitutional instrument matures.

At a media engagement on Thursday, September 8, the Deputy Chairman of the Commission in charge of operations, Samuel Tettey, stated that it is feasible with the collaboration of all stakeholders.

“Once again, we urge the NIA to speed up the printing of the Ghana Card in order to make it easier for anyone interested in registering with us to do so,” he said.
Mr. Tettey also urged political parties and other interested parties to encourage qualified applicants to register.

“We expect all participants in the electoral process, including political parties, to encourage all those who do not have Ghana Cards to visit the National Identification Authority’s offices and register for the Ghana Card.”

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