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Social media accounts directive is so hateful – MFWA

Sulemana Braimah
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Sulemana Braimah, Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), has rejected the Ghana Law School’s directive to students to submit their social media accounts for monitoring.

This directive, he said, was “certainly obnoxious interference and restriction.”

“The culture of repression is taking root everywhere,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the Ghana School of Law’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has denied reports that members have been directed to submit their accounts to authorities for monitoring.

“The SRC wishes to state that no such directive has been issued to any student by the Management of the Ghana School of Law,” the Council said in a press release issued on Wednesday, November 9.

Yaw Oppong, the School’s Director, had directed students to submit their social media handles for monitoring for good behavior during a swearing-in ceremony for new SRC executives.

“Everyone will be required to provide their social media handles,” he stated.

“We’ll look into it, and you’ll be monitored in terms of behavior.” The law requires us to make recommendations. We don’t want to crush you.”

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According to the SRC, Mr Oppong only reiterated a general warning to students to follow the school’s code of conduct both on and off campus, including social media platforms, in light of management’s expectation that many students will be called to the bar.

As a result, the SRC advised everyone to disregard the reports.



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