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Sacking MMT boss won’t solve your problems

Sacking MMT boss won’t solve your problems

Metro Mass Transit Limited has called for the removal of its Managing Director due to unpaid salaries as unjust.

On Eyewitness News, the company’s Head of Communications, George Asante, urged striking workers to consider the company’s difficulties.

Mr. Asante mentioned how rising fuel prices have impacted the company’s revenue generation.
The company is unable to raise fares in order to keep up with fares.

Metro Mass Transit has 187 buses, which are expected to generate enough revenue to employ 2,000 people nationwide.

“The Managing Directors are not always the issue. “The issue is about the company’s challenges, and the challenge we are facing is the inadequacy of the buses,” Mr. Asante explained.

He also bemoaned the company’s inability to mobilise sufficient funds for statutory payments.

“Our gross salary wage bill is GH3.9 million.” We can’t mobilise enough people with the 187 buses we have to pay for these things and other overhead costs.”

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Mr. Asante expressed optimism that the salary arrears would be resolved by Friday.
Metro Mass Transit Limited employees are staging a sit-in in protest of what they call the company’s management’s five years of incompetence.

Apart from the salary arrears, the striking employees claimed they had other issues with the way the company was run.


Source: CitiNews

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