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Rwanda: 24-year-old arrested for indecent dressing

Rwanda: 24-year-old arrested for indecent dressing

         In Rwanda, a lady spotted in a provocative dress has been called out by netizens and arraigned for court. She has since been granted bail.

RwaMugabekazi Lillian, a 24-year-old Rwandan woman who was arrested for inappropriate clothing, was sentenced to two years in prison after being charged with public indecency.

Lillian was arrested on August 7 after attending a concert wearing a sheer dress.

Someone called the fashion police on Lilian, but the internet is split on how the incident unfolded.

Her image became viral after being captured in a concert by well-known French artist Tayc in Kigali, Rwanda.

Her lawyer, however, requested that the case be heard in private.

The Rwandan government has committed to curbing inappropriate clothing.

Celebrities from all over the world adore this look, but it was too much for this traditionally conservative town.

Miss Lilian has since been released on bail though some netizens disagree with her release.

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