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Remains of missing lady buried in residential apartment

Remains of missing lady buried in residential apartment

Residents of Sikafuambantem, a suburb of Mankessim in the Central Region, are in shock after the body of a woman in her late twenties was discovered buried at a residential apartment.

One suspect, described as a man of God, was arrested in connection with the incident and was escorted by police to exhume the body in Mankessim.

The police are looking for Nana Clarke, the owner of the residential property.
It is believed that the deceased was murdered and buried in the residential apartment a few days ago for ritual purposes.

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Residents who were able to capture audiovisuals of the incident were seen glued to their phones in disbelief, expressing their shock at the incident.

Alex Kojo Appiah, Assemblyman for Edumaze in Mankessim, urged residents to be security conscious in their endeavours and watch out for one another to avoid such heinous occurrences.

“The incident is unexpected. “People should be cautious about their security,” he advised.

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