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Provide access to your social media accounts – Ghana Law School

Provide access to your social media accounts – Ghana Law School

Yaw Oppong, the Director of the Ghana Law School, has stated that all students’ social media accounts will be monitored.

To that end, he stated that they must all submit their social media accounts for monitoring.

This move is to ensure that they behave well when called to the bar, he explained.

Mr Oppong made these remarks during the inauguration of the School of Law Students’ Representative Council (SRC) executives.

“Everyone will be required to provide their social media handles.” We will investigate it, and your behavior will be monitored. The law requires us to make recommendations. We don’t want to crush you.

“You will reapply beyond the pass and submit yourself to all legitimate checks,” he explained.

“Once we do our best to ensure that as many of you as possible who want to help yourselves go beyond the stage you are, and we succeed, it will not compromise your good character,” he added.

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“It’s pointless if you’re qualified to go to second year and are told you can’t because of bad character,” he said.

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