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Police officer and a KNUST student remanded in custody for gang-raping

Police officer and a KNUST student remanded in custody for gang-raping

The Asokore Mampong District Court has remanded police officer Lance Corporal Frank Adu Poku and his accomplice, Joel Osei Owusu, a final-year student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), accused of gang-raping a first-year student.

The decision was made by the court on Thursday, July 28, when the suspects appeared for the first time. They are scheduled to appear in court again on Tuesday, August 9.

Prosecutor ACP Kofi Blagozi informed journalists following the court proceedings that Lance Corporal Frank Adu Poku had been arrested by the police administration, despite the fact that the law enforcement agency has not issued an official statement on the matter.

“Lance Corporal Frank Adu Poku has been interdicted by the police administration to ensure a thorough investigation into the said alleged rape case,” he said, according to

ACP Blagozi told the court that the victim, who sells women’s clothing, advertised some of the items for sale on the internet.

Joel Osei Owusu, one of the suspects, saw the advertisement and contacted the victim, claiming to have similar items and wanting to supply them to her.

She agreed to meet him on Tuesday, July 19, after he persuaded her that she could profit more from the items he wanted to supply her with.

Under the guise of showing the victim his clothes, the suspect led her into his room, but then abruptly locked the door and placed the key in his pocket.

“The final year student then told the ‘victim’ that he is a scammer and that he will only let her leave the room after she undresses so that he can take pictures and a video of her nakedness to send to his business partner abroad for money, of which the complainant will receive 30%.”

“Out of fear, the complainant told the police that she reluctantly obliged and removed her clothes where the final-year student took pictures and videos of her nudity, and she was also forced to recite some words which the first accused person sent to his partner for payment of the money.”

“The complainant also told the police that the first accused, a final-year student, ordered her to perform oral sex on him, which was videoed, and then went on to have unprotected sex with her.”

“He [the Level 400 student] then exited the room, locked the door, and returned with the second accused person, a police officer armed with a pistol, whom he introduced as his friend and business partner. The final year student left the room locked because it was left with the complainant and the police officer, who also had sexual relations with her.”

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“After the police officer forcibly had sex with the complainant, the first accused person returned to the room and forcibly administered LYDIA contraceptive pills to the complainant in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, after which the complainant was forced to leave the room.”

“The victim, traumatized, returned home and later confided in university authorities (at KNUST), who decided to report to the police on July 21, 2022 .” The prosecutor stated in court.

On July 22, 2022, KNUST authorities arrested Joel Osei Owusu and turned him over to police, where he allegedly admitted to the crime and named Lance Corporal Frank Adu Poku as his accomplice.


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