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 Police investigate the killing of a man at Tafo Junction

 Police investigate the killing of a man at Tafo Junction
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Police in the Ashanti region has opened an investigation into the shooting death of a man in Tafo’s Al-Azhariya Junction.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to Citi News, the assailants, who were in a car without a license plate, spent hours patrolling the neighbourhood before shooting the victim as he was parking his car. They shot him and then took off.

The incident has horrified the neighbourhood, as several people who saw it unfold on Friday night hesitated to go to work on Saturday.

Around 10 am, a black, unregistered car started whirling through the neighbourhood. Later, it was never seen again. The now-deceased guy arrived to park his car at the top at 4 o’clock and proceeded up to make a purchase. His buddies later joined him. Later, we observed the unregistered black car turning around and its passengers firing warning shots.

People nearby were forced to flee for their lives as a result. The gunmen were able to shoot the now-dead individual while people were fleeing. Given the circumstances, it appeared as though the now-deceased individual was the main target because he was the only one who was shot.

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The family home of the dead has been visited by loved ones and sympathizers to provide support.

Salamatu Samed, the deceased’s sister, described the tragedy as a major shock to the family.

The deceased was survived by a pregnant wife and two children.

According to the family, thorough investigations are needed so that the perpetrators can be apprehended and punished.

“His wife is even expecting a child.” We have no one to turn to for assistance. We appeal to the government and other generous individuals to assist his family. We are heartbroken. “Our brother wasn’t a bad person.”


Source – CitiNews

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