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Police investigate the death of 2 teenage girls at Okrakwadwo

Police investigate the death of 2 teenage girls at Okrakwadwo

Two teenage girls were killed at Okrakwadwo in the Eastern Region’s Okere district.

They were discovered dead at dawn on Tuesday, August 29, 2022.

They allegedly left home the night before to visit their boyfriends, but were later discovered with head injuries beside the road.

They were rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to Akrasi Eric, an okada rider who was present at the scene where the bodies of the two girls were discovered, a loud noise was heard before the bodies were discovered.

“We heard a loud noise from a Sprinter bus at dawn,” he told the media. The driver rushed over to inform us that he had seen two female teenagers lying lifeless.

“Their heads were crushed, but their bodies remained undamaged.” “I doubt it was a car that hit them, but no one knows what happened.”

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The Adukrom Police Department has since launched an investigation into the incident.

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