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Police dispatched to Wa to address security concerns

Police dispatched to Wa to address security concerns
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The police administration has sent a team of special purpose investigators to Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West.

The deployment, led by DCOP Mohammed Fuseini Suraj, is to assist the Upper West regional police command with intelligence gathering in order to ensure the peace and safety of the town’s residents.

On Friday, September 16, some Wa residents staged a protest following the suspected murder of a security guard in a suburb of the Upper West Regional capital.

Since February of this year, at least ten security guards have been killed in the town.

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According to a statement signed by Chief Superintendent Grace Ansah-Akrofi, the director of police public affairs, “the police administration has put in place measures to support the regional police command in beefing up security to ensure the safety of all in the metropolis.”

“In this regard, under the leadership of the Director-General of Operations, special purpose investigation and intelligence teams, as well as additional police visibility and crime combat teams, have been deployed to Wa.”

The irate demonstrators were concerned that the situation had gotten out of hand and blamed it on the region’s security situation and a lack of streetlights.

In the statement, the police public affairs director says, “we wish to assure the public that we will work to ensure the safety and security of all persons in the country.”

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