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Police arrest man who beat wife to death and faked suicide

Police arrest man who beat wife to death and faked suicide

A 30-year-old man’s fake suicide attempt to avoid justice after murdering his wife has failed miserably.

Kwabena Ahi is allegedly being held by Sehwi Bodi police after it was discovered through medical tests that he had not consumed weedicide as he had claimed.

During a fight in Sehwi Apente, a rural village in the Bodi District of the Western North Region, the suspect killed his wife, Patience Armah.

According to, some community members later discovered him in the jungle in a ‘helpless’ state and transported him to the Juaboso Government Hospital for treatment.

Residents and police officers previously believed that after discovering his wife had died as a consequence of the savage beatings, Ahi ingested a deadly substance assumed to be a weedicide to kill himself.

However, once the physicians at the Juaboso determined that he had not consumed any poison, they summoned the police to arrest him.

The police were called to the crime scene, and Patience Armah’s body was transferred to the Juaboso Government Hospital for further investigation.

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According to, the couple has two children, a 4-year-old boy and a 1-year-old daughter.

Antwi Ofori, a resident of the Apente settlement said, the couple had been bickering often in recent years before the terrible outcome.

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