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Police arrest boat sailor over Volta Lake disaster

Police arrest boat sailor over Volta Lake disaster
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Police have apprehended the boat sailor who drowned some Azizanya residents on the Volta Lake near Ada on Saturday, March 18.

Gabriel Ajigodi is currently being held at the Ada Foah Police Station, where he is assisting police with their investigations into Saturday’s disaster.

On Saturday morning, a boat carrying mourners capsized on the lake, killing five people.

Three of the five people killed were children under the age of three and two women. There were no life jackets for any of the passengers.

According to some survivors, they informed Gabriel Ajigodi of the overload and begged him to return them to their boarding point, but the sailor refused. The boat capsized halfway through the journey.
Meanwhile, NADMO and a community rescue team are continuing to search for more survivors in the area.


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