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Our focus now is to rescue victims of the Weija Dam spillage

Our focus now is to rescue victims of the Weija Dam spillage
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The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has stated that its immediate priority is to rescue victims of the Weija Dam spillage.

Abu Ramadan, Deputy Director of NADMO, also stated that his organization is working to “expand and open estuaries so that the water can run into the sea and we can see the levels drop.” That is the primary focus for the time being.”

Many people have been displaced as a result of the spill’s rising waters.

To facilitate the movement of water into the sea, the assembly has created three estuaries on Bojo beach.

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May be an image of lake and tree

Nonetheless, it warned residents to prepare for the worst in the aftermath of the spill.

NADMO claims to have rescued more than 300 stranded victims while also working to expand the estuary to allow the water to flow into the sea.

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The Marine Police and the 48th Engineers Regiment have provided assistance to NADMO.

Meanwhile, NADMO has urged victims of the Weija dam spill to contact the 122-emergency hotline for immediate evacuation or other forms of assistance.

“It is a dependable platform.” “If the call goes through, someone will answer,” Mr. Ramadan assured.

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