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Only one out of 50 Celebrities opts for cosmetic surgery

Only one out of 50 Celebrities opts for cosmetic surgery
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Dr Kwesi Okumanin Nsaful, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the 37 Military Hospital, has revealed that market women, housewives, and teachers have opted for cosmetic surgery more than perceived Ghanaian female celebrities.

In recent years, Ghanaian female celebrities have gone under the knife to look more youthful and appealing to their fans and the general public.

Some celebrities have openly admitted to giving their bodies a makeover, while others continue to deny it.

Adding his voice to a panel discussion on Akoma FM’s Saturday entertainment show Entertainment 360 hosted by Tony Best, the renowned plastic surgeon stated that most women seek cosmetic surgery in order to regain their confidence and their original self.

“I can confidently state that if I perform 40 or 50 surgeries, I may only encounter one celebrity.” Because all Ghanaian women are currently undergoing plastic surgery, hence that notion should be rejected.

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“I do two or three surgeries a week on average, and my patients include market women, fashion designers, and teachers.” It’s a practice that isn’t limited to female celebrities.”

Dr Nsaful went over the various types of plastic surgery.

“We have liposuction, which involves removing fat. The tummy touch involves cutting a portion of the body as well as removing fat. The breast argument is about either making the breast bigger or smaller.”


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