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Okorase: 22-year-old man beheads his grandpa and stepmother

Okorase: 22-year-old man beheads his grandpa and stepmother

Alex Tengeh, 22, was detained in Koforidua by police after slaughtering his grandpa and stepmother in Okorase, a hamlet in the Abuakwa North Municipality in the Eastern Region.

It is unknown what prompted his conduct, but Alex Tengeh, who is not known to have any mental health difficulties, informed authorities in his statement that he was supposedly exposed to cannabis candy previous to his terrible move.

According to witnesses, the 22-year-old was observed strangling a young lady with his bare hands near their residence about 9 p.m. on Thursday.

When the young lady’s father, Kofi Amponsah, heard her daughter’s screams, he rushed to her aid and convinced her to file a police report.

Tengeh fled the scene, went to his own house in the absence of his father, assaulted and murdered his grandfather in bed. He afterwards pursued his stepmother, who was on her way to save his grandfather, and murdered her to death.

When Citi News arrived at the family’s home, the entire neighborhood had come to mourn the tragic tragedy.

Madam Comfort Ofori, a neighbor, nearly avoided death after refusing to open the door for Alex when she heard his grandfather screaming for assistance.

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Residents are afraid and want the police to increase their visibility in neighborhoods at all hours of the day and night to avoid similar incidents.

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