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NPP can’t break the eight after breaking the economy

NPP can’t break the eight after breaking the economy

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Director of Elections, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, believes the governing New Patriotic Patriotic Party (NPP) does not deserve another chance.

He claimed that the ruling party has “done enough breaking” and should not be allowed to break the eight again.

“They have shattered the country’s economy, infrastructure, and educational system.” Actually, everything worth breaking. “The country is in shambles,” he added.

He believes “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that the NDC government, with its PNDC antecedent, has been the most effective and is the best option for Ghanaians.

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“We’re talking about rural electrification, supply, and decentralisation; in fact, we’ve played a key role in spearheading every single development drive in the country.”

Mr. Afriyie Ankrah went on to say that the opposition party is well-positioned to win the 2024 election and “get Ghana out of the mess it’s in.”


Source: CitiNews

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