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Notify your telecos about wrongful E-Levy charges – GRA

Notify your telecos about wrongful E-Levy charges – GRA

Ghanaians who were incorrectly charged the E-Levy on their first GH100 transaction have been directed to report to their charging entities for redress, according to the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Even though they have successfully linked their Ghana Card details with their SIM cards, some Ghanaians have taken to social media to complain about illegal charges on their transactions.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, GRA’s Head of Project Management, Isaac Kwabena Amoako, explained that the various charging entities may not have updated their customers’ Ghana card details, resulting in erroneous deductions.

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“We are aware of these false charges.” The good news is that customers can file complaints when they believe they have been wrongfully charged. Customers have also gone to charging entities, particularly banks, to update their information, but the charging entities have failed to update the same with GRA.”

“Anyone who has been wrongfully charged must report to the charging entities.” They are not supposed to contact GRA. You are reporting the charging entities by coming to us. You only notify us if you have not received the desired results after contacting your charging entities.”

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